Liz Surette

b&w-color-elbow3-16B.A. University of New Hampshire
J.D. New England School of Law

Liz Surette is a licensed attorney in Massachusetts. After graduating from law school, she pursued a music education at UMass Boston and subsequently founded a private law practice.

Liz’s experience in and lifelong affinity for software, video games, music, and media makes her uniquely suited to representing clients in any creative medium or technical field. She routinely provides clients with services involving copyrights, trademarks, contracts, employment matters, intellectual property licensing and protection, creative content, business entity formation, and web-related policies. After hours, she regularly participates in local game development events and has given presentations on relevant legal issues. Liz also currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Boston Bar Association’s Solo and Small Firm Section.

When not providing outstanding client service, Liz enjoys video games, heavy metal, music theory, guitars, researching gaming PC hardware, reading, and exploring new places.

“I am very lucky to be in a line of work where I not only have the privilege of providing services to communities I’m passionate about, but get to personally witness the creativity and drive of my clients. They never cease to impress and inspire me.”

A Legal Analysis of Brown v. EMA
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Speaking Engagements
April, 2016 PAX East (Boston, MA)
“Legal Issues In Gaming”

January, 2014 Boston Indies (Boston, MA)
“Legal Issues In Independent Game Development”

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Contracts and Licenses
Because game development, music, art, literature, and other creative works are so deeply intertwined with intellectual property law, precisely-worded contracts will be the foundations of success for clients in those industries.
Your creations, whether they are games, songs, programs, branding materials, or other tangible creative works, are the result of your hard work and unique creative vision. At the same time, they are also your most valuable business assets.
Business Formation
Whether you are a game studio, software developer, a band, or anything in between, forming a legal entity for your business such as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or corporation can provide you with essential legal protections.
Internet Issues
Most artists, game developers, and other professionals rely on a strong internet presence in order to reach their audiences and distribute their products.