Last week, The Game Awards named Skyrim mod Enderal the Best Fan Creation of 2016 after two of the four nominees were pulled from the awards. One of the projects whose nominations were rescinded was Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made Pokemon game many years in the making. The other was Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R), a project that infused more modern gameplay conventions into a remake of Metroid 2. At the heart of it all is legal action by Nintendo against the creators of those projects for copyright infringement. If you are making fan game or mod, you might be worried about what these high-profile developments mean for your work. Why are Enderal (a total conversion mod of Skyrim) and Brutal Doom 64 (an enhanced port of another fan project for the N64 iteration of Doom) allowed to be distributed and recognized while the other two are no longer available to download? To learn about the legal issues and how people who wish to make fan projects can navigate this delicate territory, read on. Continue Reading ->