Mission Statement

“Overclocking” is a term that refers to configuring a piece of computer hardware to deliver a higher level of performance than it does by default. “Overclocked Legal” represents Liz’s commitment to providing quality legal services to clients in video games, music, media, software, and the advancing technologies.

The Overclocked Legal Difference

Connection. Liz is a gaming, music, and technology enthusiast who maintains a social and professional presence within those areas. As such, she genuinely enjoys her clients’ creations and has a keen interest in helping them succeed.

Convenience. Via an online delivery method called “virtual law practice”, clients can opt to receive legal services remotely without having to interrupt their schedules to visit an office. Whether a client is more comfortable scheduling in-person meetings or virtual ones, Liz is happy to accommodate their preference.

Client-Centered Lawyering. Liz understands that some people may be hesitant about seeking legal services. In order to help clients feel more comfortable working with a lawyer, she seeks to empower them as decision-makers and colleagues. Because every situation is unique and requires specially-tailored solutions, she encourages clients to assert their goals, be involved, and ask questions.

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Contracts and Licenses
Because game development, music, art, literature, and other creative works are so deeply intertwined with intellectual property law, precisely-worded contracts will be the foundations of success for clients in those industries.
Your creations, whether they are games, songs, programs, branding materials, or other tangible creative works, are the result of your hard work and unique creative vision. At the same time, they are also your most valuable business assets.
Business Formation
Whether you are a game studio, software developer, a band, or anything in between, forming a legal entity for your business such as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or corporation can provide you with essential legal protections.
Internet Issues
Most artists, game developers, and other professionals rely on a strong internet presence in order to reach their audiences and distribute their products.